ADIOS2 (Automated Data Inquiry for Oil Spills) is an oil weathering model
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ADIOS2 (Automated Data Inquiry for Oil Spills) is an oil weathering model that incorporates a database containing more than a thousand crude oils and refined products, and provides quick estimates of the expected characteristics and behavior of oil spilled into the marine environment. The predictions it makes, presented as both graphics and text, are designed to help answer questions that typically arise during spill response and cleanup.
ADIOS2 includes new models to estimate the effects of common cleanup techniques such as chemically dispersing, skimming, or burning the oil, and it accounts for environmental processes not included in the previous version, such as sedimentation. It also includes an expanded online help and electronic manual.
The ADIOS2 database includes estimates of the physical properties of oils and products. ADIOS uses this information to predict changes in an oil's properties once it has spilled. The database was compiled from different sources, including Environment Canada, the U.S. Department of Energy, and industry.
ADIOS uses mathematical equations and information from the database to predict changes over time in the density, viscosity, and water content of an oil or product, the rates at which it evaporates from the sea surface and disperses into the water, and the rate at which an oil-in-water emulsion may form. It was designed to make use of as little information as possible, and to use information that can quickly be estimated or obtained in the field, such as wind speed(s), wave heights, water temperature, and salinity or density, the type and amount of oil or product spilled, and the rate and duration of the spill.

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